Shout-Out from The Statesman!

March 11, 2014

We are always happy to get mentions in the press, but when we got our latest shout-out, we were downright proud! This latest press mention comes from none other than our local newspaper here in Austin: The Austin- American Statesman.

It is always great to know that the people in your own backyard are paying attention, and the folks at The Statesman were on the ball, as always, reporting about our latest addition to the product line. Here’s the mention from back on February 19th when this ran as part of the article: “Food Matters: Celebrating Mardi Gras with Louisiana magazine, gumbo; new chips from Rhythm Superfoods”

The Austin-based Rhythm Superfoods was the first company to sell kale chips commercially, and this month, the company is releasing a new line of baked chips made from other nutrient-dense foods, including quinoa, amaranth, oat bran, purple corn, pea protein, sweet potato, carrot and broccoli. The ingredients used in the chips are non-GMO and do not contain gluten or dairy, and the chips ($3.49 for 5.5 ounces) are available at H-E-B, Natural Grocers, Whole Foods Market and Sprouts. More information at”

Thank you Statesman! We’re always grateful to be noticed, but especially when it’s someone as important to our fair city as you are!

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