Follow that Kale Kar!

March 15, 2014

We have a new addition to the Rhythm Superfoods family, and we’re super excited about it! We frequently do product demos around Austin and the surrounding region led by our amazing field team. You’ll often find them in the local Austin Whole Foods Markets slinging samples of our Kale Chips and our new Superfood Chips, but unless you happened to already be in the store, you would have to have seen the demo announcement on our Facebook or Twitter feeds to know they were there.

Enter the Kale Kar (A.K.A. The Greatest Vegetable-Themed Vehicle in History)!

Now that we’re cruising the streets in this bad boy, you’ll know we’re out and ready to give you some awesome samples. See the Kale Kar parked at a store? Come on in and get a sample! See us cruising? Follow that Kale Kar! Delicious and healthy chips are sure to be inside! We look forward to seeing you all when we’re out and about!


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