Just tried your Kale Chips from HEB in Big Spring, TX.  They are amazing!!!  HEB only had the zesty nacho flavor, but it is awesome!!!  I cannot wait to see if they will stock other flavors, so I can try them too!  Thank you for making a healthy, tasty snack.  I will never miss regular chips again!!!  LOVE your product!!!

–Angie S.

I tried the Mango Habanero kale chips, and they are delicious. I have never had kale chips, and I was pleasantly surprised. I love chips but think these will be an amazing alternative. I don't usually write reviews, but I am so excited about them!! Thank you. I can't wait to try the other flavors!!!!

–Kristina N.

You folks are geniuses!! Every flavor is incredible. You have my gratitude for making such wholesome products. I especially like the fact there isn't any dairy in your products.

–Anne Z.

I just tried your Ranch kale chips today and love them. It was hard not to eat the whole bag! Thank you for making such a delicious and healthy vegan snack. Keep up the great work and good luck with your company.

–Kim S.

THANK YOU. I just tried your Zesty Nacho Kale Chips, and I must say, they are the best chips I have ever had - potato included!! THANK YOU for these awesome crunchy yummy snacks!!!!!!

–Ann D.

I never have just eaten something and thought 'Wow, who makes these? I need to go online and tell them how great they are!' But your Zesty Nacho Kale Chips made me do just that! Thank you for creating such a delicious way to 'get my kale on'.

–Leslie H.

Through keeping a food journal, I discovered I was eating a whole lotta potato chips which means extra fat, calories and yet little nutrition. Knowing giving up chips entirely would be easier said than done, I thought perhaps I could find a healthier alternative. I soon discovered you guys on Your kale chips sounded interesting, so I picked up a few flavors to try at my local health food store. I was pleased to see they were not expensive compared to other raw snack products on the market. They also tasted a whole lot better than other kale chips I've tried. I must say they completely satisfy any need I have for a convenient, salty snack. The best part for me is that not only did I eliminate an unhealthy food from my diet (potato chips), but I have replaced them with one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. I sincerely thank you for the gift of your kale chips!

–Leah C.

Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you! The one DELICIOUS snack that I can eat without fear of triggering a dietary issue. I trust I will be seeing even more trailblazing products from you, which enhance all avenues of the food production chain. These chips should be in every school child's lunch. Better for children, organic farmers and the planet.


This afternoon I was in Whole Foods and walked past the "raw foods" aisle. To be honest, everything on that aisle looks really gross and I have been afraid to try anything raw. While I was looking at the Cool Ranch Kale Chips, a woman walked by and grabbed two bags and raved about them. I decided to buy a bag. When I got home I opened it and expected to gag. I was wrong! (there is a first time for everything hehe). In ten minutes I had polished the whole bag off. This inspires me to try the nacho cheese flavor and try more raw foods. Very delicious.

–Kristin W.

I love this stuff! All the flavors are delicious and I grab a bag almost every time I am in Whole Foods or at Daily Juice. Keep up the delicious work!

–Maureen H.

I have recently purchased your Rhythm Kale Chips in Kool Ranch and Zesty Nacho at Whole Foods Market. I love kale to begin with and was super excited when I found your chips. I can't explain how wonderful they are, and I will definitely be purchasing more each time I do my grocery shopping. Thank you for making such a wonderful, tasty, healthy snack that I enjoy on a daily basis. Keep up the great work!!!

–A very satisfied customer, Ashley S.

I just had to write and tell you how great these are. I was cautious buying them because usually these natural snacks aren't very good. But i was blown away with how good these are, and the ingredient list is all natural and healthy. I can't believe it, and I'm chowing down this bag I bought right now. Great job. I am impressed and now a new returning customer! :) Thank you!

–Jenny D

I love the kool ranch kale chips!

–Georgia E.

Why bother with the resealable bag? Your kale chips are too good to last. Thank you for the delicious snack food.

–Natasha Z.

Just had my first taste of your Sweet Potato BBQ Chips. So amazingly perfect! Thank you!!!

–Ceci P.

Hey! I recently tried out your kale chips (Zesty Nacho). They're pretty yummy! Keep up the good work!

–Megan A.

So after eating like crap for years and feeling terrible, I decide to switch to a raw diet. I looked up recipes to make kale chips but was so excited to see them at Whole Foods in Dallas. The Bombay Curry are the Bomb! I have to keep the bag in my car, so I don't eat them all at one time. Its my 5pm traffic treat! I will search every store in town until I find the Mango Habanero! YOU ROCK!! XOXO

–Lynn S.

I was just given a bag of your Bombay Curry Rhythm Kale Chips, and they are FANTASTIC! I have never had anything like them. Everything about them is just wonderful; great taste, great texture, great nutrition! We will be adding these to our permanent shopping list! Can't wait to try the other flavors. Thank you for a wonderful product.

–Ben S.

Hi there! I'm sitting here at work on a Sunday (retail-fun!) and eating a bag of your Texas BBQ Kale Chips. They are fabulous! I try all of the brands out there, and all the flavors, and while this is my first bag of your kale chips, I love this flavor. So good! I've never seen another company do the flavors you all do, and they are the flavors I love, so I'm looking forward to picking up more bags. The fact that I get to snack, and it's good for me, well, I come out a winner without depriving myself. Thank you for having such a great product, and I look forward for more good things to come from you guys. Best of luck!

–Michelle A.


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