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Born of the fertile, creative minds of a consortium of successful entrepreneurial foodies, Rhythm Superfoods brings you down-home tasty health food snacks.


In 2009, Rhythm Superfoods began producing its line of great-tasting, nutritionally dense specialty foods that supermarkets were lacking. Founded by Keith Wahrer (co-founder of Daily Juice), who spends countless hours in the kitchen experimenting with his recipes, Rhythm Superfoods became official with the addition of fellow Austin entrepreneurs Scott Jensen (former Stubb's BBQ CEO), Clayton Christopher and David Smith (founders of Sweet Leaf tea), and Robert Larkin (Growing Grace, Daily Juice).  These like-minded individuals teamed up with a mission to play a major role in the healthification of the American diet.


Being on the forefront of the healthy food movement, Rhythm Superfoods is on a quest to change the world one snack at a time. Our snacks are made from the highest quality organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and spices which are always minimally processed for maximum nutrition and deliciousness. Each product is made to feed the body, mind and soul.


Rhythm Superfoods' sister company, Daily Juice, was founded in 2003 by Keith Wahrer and Matt Shook. Fueled by a shared appreciation for the finer things in life, they transformed this once small shack into a vibrant and bustling juice bar filled with great music, high vibes, and top shelf fresh juices and smoothies that taste as incredible as they are good for you.


Daily Juice specializes in ultra-healthy, fresh vegetable and fruit juices, smoothies and wholesome snacks. Combining ingredients such as antioxidant-rich acai berries, body-cleansing wheatgrass and powerful raw brown rice protein, their drinks provide amazing health benefits in the form of a great tasting drink. Using the same green philosophy as Rhythm Superfoods, Daily Juice uses local and organic ingredients whenever possible. This has earned Daily Juice the adoration of thousands of loyal customers. They have three locations in Austin, including the city’s first raw foods café. 

Learn more about Daily Juice here.



"These are the GREATEST 
things invented EVER! 
I just ate a whole 
bag for breakfast." 

- Cara T.

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