our philosophy

We create delicious, clean, nutritionally powerful products which help people to achieve optimal energy. The foods we make are RAW, VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NUTRIENT-RICH, and always DELICIOUS.

  • All Natural. We never use chemicals, preservatives, chlorine, processed, genetically modified, or otherwise denatured food. Why? Because we ourselves are organic creatures of the earth.
  • Local and Organic. This is becoming simply a survival mechanism. We support the reintegration of farming and foraging into our communities and the development of sustainable lifestyles. We support the re-mineralization of ourselves and our soils in order to achieve a higher state of health and wellness. We will always strive to be as local and organic as possible.
  • Balance. We seek balance in our recipes. The art and science of food combination is the key to making a great dish or product.
  • Superfoods are miracle foods.  We believe in offering these amazing treasures. More nutritional bang for your bite.
  • Flavor. It doesn't matter how healthy something is, if it doesn't taste good, people simply will not come back for more. We are committed to delivering you only the tastiest foods possible. This is our way of helping you stay on your wellness path.
  • Price. As we all know, eating healthy can be expensive. We strive to deliver a top shelf product line at a price point people can afford.
  • Rhythm. Music. Dance. Play. Eat. Live. Love.


"I think if I had 
nothing left to eat in 
the world but these kale 
chips, I would be very 

- Janine R.

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